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We create competitive playgrounds and joyful games with deeply satisfying game-feel, atmosphere and experience.


We are an independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada.


Our goal is to build outstanding and kind teams that make groundbreaking, joyful games.

Our debut game, Circuit Superstars, released in October 2021, on Xbox and PC, then on PlayStation in January, 2022.



Carolina Mastretta

Founder & Studio Lead

Caro's work is focused on building an environment in which OFG can thrive, both as a team and as individuals. She's also a cook, a gatherer of friends and a lover of poetry. 


Alberto Mastretta

Founder & Creator

Alberto is an artist, a designer and a programmer. His work weaves through our project, focusing on crafting experiences that feel and look fantastically satisfying. 

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Carlos Mastretta

Founder & Designer

Carlos created the world of Motorsport in Circuit Superstars. Through designing the tracks, environments and cars, he ensures the charms of the sport come to life. He looks forward to exploring new art for our future games. 


John Werner

Lead Programmer

John builds systems and tools to keep our team running effectively. He's fond of running tabletop RPGs, bicycles, and building community.


Andrew Keyser


Andrew creates and maintains software that ensures a consistent experience for our team and players. He's an automotive enthusiast and hobbyist mechanic; he collects diecast vehicles and likes to build brick-based toys. Has been known to craft custom electronics in his spare time.


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